What are your qualifications and why should I/we trust you?

I have a Master’s degree in family and relationship therapy from Hull University. I worked for Relate (formerly the Marriage Guidance Council) for 4 years in addition to working in my private practice, now in my 14th year.

I am a master cognitive hypnotherapy practitioner and have trained in multiple psychotherapeutic disciplines, I am a member of BACP and a trained mediator. You can read more about me here.

How do I/we know you are right for us?

The reason we have a detailed 30 minute discovery call, is so that you can get a feeling for the way that I work, my style and approach.

It is important to me that every person or couple is a good fit for the programme, because we are dealing with deeply personal material, so mutual respect is paramount.

Can we book separate Discovery Calls?

Yes and in some cases it is probably for the best if things are very difficult between you.

Can my partner join later if they decide to?

Yes and there’s no additional fee to pay. When you join the programme, you can either join as a couple or individually; the price is the same. You can start as two and complete as one, or start as one and complete as two.

If I/we use up all of the 10 private sessions with you that are included in the cost of the programme can I/we buy more if I/we need them?

Please bear in mind that the programme is designed to provide everything you need and is based on my experience of working with clients for over 13 years. In addition to our private sessions, you will be able to join the group coaching calls every week and if you require additional private sessions you can add them at a cost of £150 per session.

If we decide to break up will I still need a mediator and a solicitor?

This depends, because when “No Fault Divorce” was introduced to the UK in April 2022, the process was made much simpler. It is possible for you to divorce with no professional help if you agree on the financial and child arrangements. Although, in order to protect both your interests, it is recommended that you instruct a lawyer to draw up a Financial Consent Order which can deal with all assets including sharing pensions.

The main problem with people going through mediation and divorce is the heartache and emotional pain. This is why Make or Break Coaching was created; to run alongside in parallel to support these processes if things are acrimonious between you.

If we decide to work on our relationship together do I need to find a couples therapist?

No because we will take care all of those skills and strategies within the “Creating Your Compelling Future” phase.

Is there an instalment plan available?

Yes you can choose to pay:

  • £1,800 at the beginning of the year or
  • in three monthly instalments of £700 or
  • 12 payments of £200,

all of which will give you access to the course materials for 12 months, weekly group coaching calls and 10 private sessions throughout the year.

Can I have more than one private session with you in a month?

Yes you can and lots of people do in the early stages as there is lots to talk about.

You’ll be doing individual sessions without your partner, as well as some together. 

Please note: if you are paying monthly, you will only be eligible to have one private session per month.

Do I have to come to the group coaching calls?

Please do! There are no new relationship problems. We are all in the same boat and I will ensure that the calls always remain respectful and useful. These calls are not for other programme members to offer their opinion on your situation or try to advise you.

What are the group calls for?

These calls are the quickest way for you to learn the skills to shape your future life whether it is separately or together. 

They are also a place where you can ask any questions about the programme and talk about issues and wins you are experiencing your relationship.

What if I can’t make the weekly coaching calls?

There are a range of times and days to accommodate as many people as I can, including day time, weekends and evenings. 

Can I have a refund?

There is a 14 day money back guarantee provided that you have attended the coaching sessions and calls and completed the exercises. If you have attended private one-to-one sessions with Jayne, the refund will be reduced by £200 for each one-to-one session attended.

Is there lots of homework?

There will be information and exercises for you to absorb between our sessions in order to make the changes you seek. Hopefully, you will want to put into practise the skills and strategies you’re learning, whichever path you decide to take.

Some of the exercises are reflections and ideas to think about, and others will be practising with your partner or other people in your life. An example of this is communication and language patterns.

Each part of the programme has short videos where I share key ideas and concepts, so it is important to watch these as they will form the basis of discussion in the group coaching calls.

What are my options after a year?

If you require further private sessions as well as time within the course because a divorce process has dragged on longer than anticipated or there are still struggles in the relationship, you can pay £200 per month to access the whole course including one private session with me per month.

If you only want private sessions with me because you have completed the course, this can be arranged. My current rates are £150 per session.

What if we are on the path of Creating a Compelling Future and it becomes too difficult?

The first phase of this programme is designed to make sure that you go into the right phase for you, but if you change your mind, you can simply switch to respectful parting at no additional cost.

What if the path of Respectful Parting isn't right and we want to try again?

As above, you can simply switch to the path of Creating a Compelling Future, at no extra cost.

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