Make or Break Coaching

A full year of support to help you stay together or separate well


  • Gain clarity on the right decision for you: should you stay or leave?
  • Then either move into understanding and mastering the winning strategies that every successful relationship has at their core
  • Or separate with dignity, kindness and self-respect

For couples and individuals

Are one or both of you at the end of the road with your relationship?

Or maybe you are desperate to try one more time, but you don’t know what to do? 

You might have tried couples counselling and it hasn’t worked and so you are left thinking that your relationship is too far gone for anything to work, so you have stopped trying.

Make or Break Coaching is for crisis couples who are on the brink of divorce but at least one of you wants to be totally sure that you are making the right decision for you and your family and your financial future.

It is possible for one person to transform the relationship, so even if your partner is unwilling to join the programme, you can change your patterns of behaviour, which ends the deadlock.

Equally, if you’ve had enough of being the one who drives the relationship and you are exhausted, you will gain the clarity and tools you need to end the relationship well.

This is a 2 phased pathway:


You will move from confusion to clarity by following the process. At the end, you will know which of the 2 routes is right for you:

  • Create your compelling future together
  • Respectful Parting

We do this by:

  • Uncovering what brought you to this point
  • Understanding your disappointments and unmet needs
  • Beginning to heal and repair in individual sessions

How the phases work:

Phase I

The Decision Phase

The Decision Phase typically takes up to 90 days, over 2 – 6 sessions. The way the sessions are structured will depend on your particular situation. The leaning out partner may need more sessions than the partner who is still committed to the relationship. I may recommend one or two joint sessions.

At the end of The Decision Phase you choose to work towards either ‘respectful parting’ or ‘creating your compelling future’ together.

Phase II


Create Your Compelling Future

In order to go forward there needs to be a period of honest reflection, so that you can both take responsibility for your share of what went wrong.

I will coach you in the use of effective communication as you begin to address some difficult issues.

Together we will create a new template for your relationship based on respect, curiosity and connection.

As you continue through this phase I will help you fine tune whatever is necessary through our bespoke, individual sessions.


Respectful Parting

In the Respectful Parting Phase you will move towards separating as painlessly and respectfully as possible. The duration of this phase depends on your circumstances and may take 6 – 12 months.

When relationships end there are many emotions to handle, as well as practical considerations like how your children will spend time with each of you and how finances will be divided.

Through this phase I will support you and your ex-partner in making decisions about living separately, co-parenting and divorce. Some sessions will be individual and others will be together.

The Alternative – Status Quo

Of course many couples remain in an unhappy relationship until there is nothing left to salvage. I wonder if this is apathy or not knowing what to do?

Life is too short so don’t you owe it to yourselves to find the best resolution?

Move into a happier future either together or apart but knowing you have made the right decision.

“The loneliest place is a loveless relationship.” 

About the Programme


How Does it Work?

This is a self paced programme. You will have access to:

  • pre-recorded videos
  • course materials (worksheets and exercises)
  • weekly group coaching/Q&A sessions on Zoom and
  • 10 private sessions with Jayne

for 12 months from the date you join.

The videos, course materials and zoom links will be available on your personal learning platform, as well as a link to book your private 75 minute sessions.

Each learning point is broken down into bite sized chunks and has:

– A brief explanatory video with subtitles and a transcript so you can make notes as you watch and save the document or print it to keep and re-read.

– A brief worksheet with exercises to assist you in reflecting on and integrating the important points and skills discussed in the video.

– You can attend one of 3 live weekly coaching/Q&A calls with Jayne. These sessions are designed to help you gain clarity on the learning point and course materials so that you can begin to integrate the skills and learning into your everyday life and relationships.

The private sessions will be tailored and very specific to your individual needs. You can choose when to book these, but we will need them more frequently in the Decision Phase. I will make suggestions to you as we progress through the programme.

What you’ll learn

The Decision Phase is divided into 3 segments.

Where are you now? How in or out are you?

Explore your current:

  • environment/living situation
  • thinking
  • emotions/feelings
  • what type of conversations are you having with your partner

You will be invited to book a personal session as soon as possible in this segment.

What brought you to this point?

What is the relational dance between you – when they do this, I do that, which leads to more….

Where are you on the Blame vs. Responsibility spectrum

The Decision

Have you uncovered enough to want to explore staying together?

Book an individual session with Jayne

PHASE 2  – The Path of: Creating Your Compelling Future Together

– The problem of modern marriages – we want EVERYTHING!

– Removing the biggest blocks to happiness.

– Weed out the losing strategies – controlling, criticism/contempt, being right, tit-for-tat/point scoring, withdrawal/stonewalling, unbridled self expression

– What behaviours do you repeat that don’t serve you?

– Needs, values and rules and valuing the differences

– Growing into respectful and kind communication

– Disagreement is necessary for growth in relationships; learn the skills to do it constructively

– Mastering the Repair Process

– Intimacy (Into-me-see), connection and sex

PHASE 2 – The Path of: Respectful Parting

– Coming to terms with things

– Expressing and managing feelings – tools and survival strategies for the early days

– Beginning to think about the practicalities – how fast are things moving?

– Let’s talk about the children

– Let’s talk about money, assets, debts and property

– Moving to divorce or staying at separation for now? – What are the options?

Payment options

Choose your preferred payment option:

One payment of £1800

Three payments of £700

12 payments of £200

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